It doesn't have to be that way.

This human gig is not so easy. In fact, being a person can be downright hard.  We navigate a never-ending stream of expectations and agendas, doubts and disappointments, commitments and career choices, diagnoses and disasters, injuries and injustices, and broken hearts and broken dreams. It’s easy to get knocked off your feet.

Christopher M. Kisling 

​​Dance in your imperfection and your brokenness and your lack of rhythm, but DANCE.

 Jump in now.  
Reach out now. Meet yourself now. Connect now.

Don’t die leaning against the wall.
There may not be another song.

You are needed. You are perfect.  
​You are graceful (and grace-full):
There is grace in abundance for you, and you are the hand of grace for others.  
You are lovable (and love-able):
You are loved, and you have the capacity to love others into life.

What’s the risk?
It might just be a joy that you can’t even imagine yet. 

Let's make it our mission to get you to OK—
but not the automatic, offhand, unthinking version. 
Instead, let's go all out for fundamental, full-exhale,
deeply accepting, I-belong-here, ​watch-out-world-
let’s-make-some-magic OK

  • ​​​​You feel stuck or like you’re spinning your wheels--
    perhaps because of fear, self-doubt, or shame. You have
    potential, but you can't get out of your head and
    chart a path forward.

  • You feel purposeless and drifting, like you’re going
    through the motions and are out of alignment with
    your core values. You might even have trouble saying 
    ​what’s important to you.
  • You wrestle with the belief that something is wrong with
    --that you’re broken or don’t belong. Maybe it's a message you received from others in your life or from the culture at large, ​and you’re having trouble getting those voices out of your head.
  • You’re reeling from a major life event or a profound old hurt and are struggling to regain your footing and find out who you’re going to be on the other side.
  • You’ve got a big project and can't seem to get started or make progress. The negative messages and bad feelings are piling up. You need encouragement and regular accountability.​​

Ready to get started? Want to talk about it?  Here’s how to reach me.

Coaching, Healing, & Direction for Your Life 

​​​​I work with folks who are having a rough go of it, whose journey has hit major bumps or taken a wrong turn. You find yourself lost in the woods and wonder how you got there. And, more important, how you’re ever going to get out. Is this you? 

Still, when asked “Are you OK?” most people will respond with a reflexive “Oh yeah, sure.” However, if they really stopped to check in with themselves, many would be on board with Thoreau, who observed that the vast majority of us “lead lives of quiet desperation.”  

​​​​​​​​In your gut, you know that you could be handling things a whole lot better, but you’re at a loss about next steps.  You sense that you could be so much more alive, courageous, connected, at ease, and effective.  

And you’re ready to do something about it—because you hear the ticking clock, and because you understand that there are no guarantees. Our time on this ride is always one distracted left turn or one wonky test result away from the off-ramp.

If this sounds like you, maybe it's time for us to join forces to get you on the path.
Together, we will:​

  • Dig beneath the noise to find the still point in
    your turning world and connect to your deepest truth.

  • Heal old wounds, take care of unfinished business, 
    and release stuck emotions so you can move on.
  • Uncover your storylines and self-defeating patterns 
    and reauthor them in a way that serves you.
  • Get you out of analysis paralysis and into
    (im)perfect action.
  • Choose beliefs and develop inner resources
    to launch you
    into the clearer, bigger, braver, more
    purposeful, more joyful life you want to live.

For more information about how I work with you, look here.