​Here are some elements of the journey.

DIRECTION: We want to get clear about the goal of our work together, including your underlying values and motivations. We’ll do deep inquiry into what lights your heart on fire and what represents the best, most wanted version of yourself. We’ll also likely find habitual blind spots, and we’ll account for those to keep them from hindering your journey.

STRATEGY: Once we've established your direction, we'll brainstorm strategies, practices, and resources for getting you there. Part of this work might include looking at ways to acquire necessary knowledge, resources, or skills that you currently lack, or to undo some of the unhelpful beliefs/habits/conditioning that you've picked up along the way.  

CLEARING: Along the path, undoubtedly we're going to encounter some obstacles that derail your progress—fear, doubt, resistance, self-defeating patterns, and old hurts that get triggered. When they come up, we'll welcome them and work directly on understanding and healing them—freeing up the energy that they currently take from your progress. 

​​REMAPPING / REAUTHORING: We’ll identify the dominant storylines that you use to define your experience—both the ones that inspire you, and the problem-saturated ones that keep you stuck.  What themes are you emphasizing? What are you ignoring or filtering out? How can we rewrite your story and adjust your filters in a way that serves you?

ACCOUNTABILITY: The simple mechanics of accountability can be transformative: committing to another person to accomplish something (what, how, and when), and then being responsible for demonstrating that you’ve completed the task.  It's a cornerstone of coaching. Insight without action is useless, and intention without accountability is usually doomed.

​​SUPPORT: This one is on me. I'll be supporting you every step of the way. Whether it’s empathy you need, or inspiration, cheerleading, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to vent to, a hand up, a rope down, a gentle push, or a kick in the pants—count on me to be a strong advocate for your transformation.  I'll be right beside you as we scale this peak.  

Typically, we'll do a couple of live sessions each month, in-person in my Baton Rouge office or via Skype or phone.  These will be working sessions focused on whatever phase of the journey we’re on. We’ll do a deep-dive check-in, assess

progress, process/troubleshoot any issues that have

come up, brainstorm next steps, and commit to new actions. 

As you might expect, much of the real work happens

between the sessions.   To bring your vision to life, there

will be homework agreements.  These might include reading,

journaling, watching a movie, daily practices, and some

real-life experimentation to help activate/embody the change you’re wanting to create.  During these times, we’ll check in via email to see how it’s going and course-correct as necessary.

​​While change theoretically can happen overnight, it’s quite the rarity.  For this reason, I ask you to make a minimum three-month commitment to the process, though I recommend six.  It takes time to build trust, clarify goals, understand the motives behind the motives, break through your resistance, uncover your patterns (including the places that you hide out), practice, and build new habits of being/thinking/moving through the world. We're not going for a short-term fix: our goal is a vision and habits to serve you for the rest of your life. 

Still not sure? Contact me to schedule a complimentary Clarity Session.

In my counseling room is a brass deep-sea diving helment. ​It's there to remind me during sessions that we’re on a deep-dive exploration together.  I’m not there to dispense The Truth from The Mountaintop, to utter tired profundities, or to rattle off my trademarked 10 Keys for a Happy Life. If I did that, I would just become another voice in your already crowded head, explaining to you how you’re doing it wrong. 

​​​​​Before working with Chris,  I was spinning my wheels--

professionally, personally, and in relationships.  I was filled

with anxiety and self-doubt, and was experiencing constant

“analysis paralysis,” which inevitably led to poor decision-making

that perpetuated the cycle.  Finally, I reached a point at which

I was done being stubborn and telling myself "this will just pass."

Working with Chris was supportive, exciting, and at times

tough: the experience was a true confidence-builder and

life-changer.  Through it, I gained a more actualized sense of

myself and what I want to do in life.  I started taking action on

specific steps and telling myself that I was more than capable and to stop making excuses.  I also was able to better address relationships that I was in and be honest about which ones were working for me and which ones weren't. I gained the tools to deal with so many of the issues that we all struggle with in life.

My experience with Chris was incredibly powerful.  I left every meeting feeling lighter and more confident in myself, and that led to real results in my day-to-day life. 

—Clay Sutherland, Houston, TX

[a life-changing experience.]

[How it WORKS.]

Christopher M. Kisling 

I'm here to go on a journey with you—to join you on the quest to uncover your deepest truth. My job is to help you find your way to whatever new adventure, safe haven, or state of mind and heart that you seek.  I’ll bring my best compass, guidebooks, and gear, and I’ll keep an eye on the safety lines, but you bring the most essential piece—You.  Sometimes the most helpful thing we will do is to put away the maps and follow our instincts along the paths that beckon most powerfully.  As happens on every journey worth taking, you’ll get to stretch muscles that you’re not used to using, you’ll take some risks, you'll stumble occasionally, and you’ll get a little dirty in the process.  And you’re going to get stronger.​


Coaching, Healing, & Direction for Your Life