Coaching, Healing, & Direction for Your Life 

Christopher M. Kisling 

  • We're all always trying to take care of ourselves
    the best we can. Some of us have curious
    and less effective ways of doing that.

  • ​If I get upset simply because another judges me,
    ​it’s often because at some level I share in or fear the judgment.

  • My core wounds may wear many disguises and show up in seemingly unrelated areas of my experience.  If I can deal with my key triggers in one area, it will likely have a cascading impact across my life. 

  • Approaching myself with compassion is more effective than approaching myself with shame and judgment. I can't judge myself out of judgment and unhappiness.

  • A culture’s sense of what is “natural” and “unnatural” is not so much given as constructed, often to support a specific worldview and value system. 

  • It’s not better to be gay or straight. There are plenty of opportunities for heroism, ignominy, love, sacrifice, honor, connection, self-destruction, and joy no matter what your orientation.

  • Anger, malice, opposition, and righteous indignation are typically masks for fear.        

  • There are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy.  Stay open and curious.

  • If I believe it's possible to change my life, I am correct. If I don't believe it's possible, or that it can only be done with great difficulty, I am also correct.

  • I have a better chance of changing another’s mind and heart if I first open mine. 

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